Books to Read to your Children or Grandchildren

ents for admittance to Kindergarten require more and more from the student. That’s why it is very important for parents to read to their children at a very early age. Children need more one-on-one time with their parents and less TV time by themselves. They also learn to talk earlier when some hold a conversation with them instead of just listening to others talk as on TV. They are more concerned with the action on the TV than they are about what’s being said.
By reading books to your children or grandchildren as infants, it will create a love for books that will last them a lifetime. They will become avid readers and good learners.
I think Dr Seuss books are excellent books to read to infants and toddlers. There is repetition which helps toddlers and youngsters learn to recognize words and before you know it they are reading. Also if you talk to them about what you or they just read, it will help them comprehend what they have just read and will remember it longer. My children grew up learning to read Dr Seuss books and they are still popular today.
I’m sure there are lots of other children’s books out there – Little Toot and the Little Engine That Could, come to mind.
Kohls has Dr Seuss books for sale during the holidays to help raise funds for kids health and awareness.
As your children and grandchildren get older and can read by themselves, the Harry Potter books are excellent choices, as are the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series.
Check out the children’s books at Shop Books to Read. While there, pick out a book for yourself.

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