Reading Can Lead to a Lifetime Love of Books

Reading to your children or grandchildren can instil in them a love of the written word that can last for a lifetime.

Reading can help children develop their brains in a way that passive activities (watching TV or playing computer games) can never do.  Talking to children can also help develop their brains.  They have to think instead of brainlessly sitting in front of the TV or computer.
You can begin reading to your children or grandchildren on the day they are born.  They will associate your voice with books.  Begin by reading board books to them and talking about the pictures on each page.  They will associate your voice with reading.  As they get older their books should have easy words that describe a picture.
When they become toddlers, they will want to take a more active role in reading.  They will want to choose their own books as adults do.  You could take them to your local library and the librarian could help them pick out their own books.  It will make them feel special if you have a special place to keep their books.  Toddlers LOVE repetition.  That’s one reason the Dr Seuss books are so popular.  They like books or even pages read over and over.  As you read books over and over, your child or grandchild and you will memorize the books.  The toddler will start reading them from memory and start associating the memorized words with words from the book.  They will also start recognizing the same words in other books as well.
Eventually, toddlers will enjoy simple storybooks with lots of pictures.  It can be great fun reading a storybook by reading with expression in your voice.  Change the pitch as you change characters and situations.
Talk about the book with the child but don’t spoil it by asking a lot of questions.  Don’t force the child to read and don’t reward them for reading, reading is its own reward.
The biggest part of making a reading success is by choosing books with the right reading level for the child.  If you need help finding the correct books, check with the local librarian.  They are the experts or check with the preschool teacher in your local school district.
You can give your children or grandchildren age-appropriate books of their very own as a gift for Christmas or for birthdays.
To find out what books are being purchased, check out our Top 5 Best Sellers each week before you go shopping online at our site.  We list Top Children’s Fiction (for young adults or teens) and Top Children’s Picture Books.

Also, we don’t want to forget our elderly parents and friends when we stress the love of reading for a lifetime.

When mature adults who have loved to read throughout their life but seem to be watching more TV, doing less reading, or less handiwork, it should be a clue that something is wrong.  Perhaps they are having trouble seeing the words or the stitches on their handiwork.  It’s possible that a magnifying glass or magnifying lamp could make it easier for them to read or large print books might help.  The Nooks that Barnes & Noble have can also enlarge the print of downloaded books.  If a mature adult likes to keep up with current events, get them a subscription to their favourite newspaper, then read your own newspaper so you can discuss issues with them knowledgeably.
Once a reading habit has been established, most people will carve out a time to sit, relax, and lose themselves in a good book.  While looking for books, browse our site to find just what you are looking for.

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